Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Ernie graduated from The University of Glasgow in 1984. As a micro-chip designer he was able to travel over Europe and the US and indeed to exercise a hobby which gradually took more and more importance in his life - music.
By 2002 Ernie was a full-time musician.

Ernie was co-founder of the funk collective PPA+, whose charismatic horn section has been emblematic on the Geneva music scene since 1999. PPA+ has featured many guest artists, including such famous names as James Taylor. Ernie began the now famous once-monthly BlaKat Jam Sessions in Geneva's Chat Noir, which he still runs to this day. During 2002/2003 Ernie hosted a twice-weekly jazz evening at the famous Bangkok jazz club Brown Sugar.

Changing his focus from saxophone to singing in 2003, Ernie recorded with LeBocal on a Tribute to Frank Zappa. Selling more than 6000 copies, the album features Rita Marcotulli and Glenn Ferris.

Ernie obtained the Prix du Festival at Crest Vocal Jazz competition in 2004 and went on to form the piano-voice duo E'MOW and the progressive pop quartet Liquid Groovement with pianist Michel Wintsch, who is a reference in improvised music in Switzerland. In 2008 Ernie began work with a new trio, The Glenn Ferris "Wheel", with Glenn Ferris on trombone and Bruno Rousselet on double bass.

As Ex-President of the improvised music association AMR, and founder of a new jazz club, Jaydo's Jazz Café, Ernie takes an active part in the promotion and organisation of jazz events in the Geneva region.

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