PPA+: Collective of 10-or-so musicians, singers and DJ featuring a very strong horn section. Funk and jazz repertoire. House band for the BlaKat Jam Sessions. PPA+ often invites guest singers and soloists, for example James Taylor.

Croon On: Vocal Jazz quartet doing jazz standards with a personal touch.
LeBocal: Large Collecive of professional musicians based in Annecy, France. Original compositions by various members of the Collective. (Video)
E'MOW: Ernie Odoom and pianist Michel Wintsch make up this piano-voice duo. Their repertoire is loosely based around original compositions with a strong focus on improvisation.
Liquid Groovement: Progressive pop quartet.
Ferris Wheel : Trio based in Paris with Glenn Ferris on trombone, Bruno Rousselet on double bass and Ernie Odoom on vocals. Compositions and arrangements by Glenn Ferris.

Other projects with Ernie: Ballads'n'Ears with Cyril Moulas on guitar, Ernie Odoom & Phil Wilkinson voice/piano duo, 'NK invites Ernie Odoom.


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